The personalised work method at RODA For You follows an exclusive production path of speed, punctuality, flexibility and reliability. These complementary qualities are fundamental to guarantee high-level outcomes, customised details, special technical solutions, integrated logistics and after-sales service. Careful attention during the entire process and the constant search for certified materials allow the company to comply with the standards and norms of different countries and sectors, for private or collective use.



Among the important assets integrated into the production site is the historic carpentry Bina 1935, an FSC® accredited supplier, owned by RODA, that has brought real added value to its tailor-made products. The carpentry can directly and therefore perfectly manage all the individual processes, from raw wood materials right through to the finished product.



Even the processes of painting and lacquering products take place within our own production facilities, where, in our painting booth, paints are applied for both indoor and outdoor use.

Colours and finishes can be experimented with and evaluated, with certified fire retardant treatments, to try alternative colour solutions for each creation during the engineering phase, and then select the best proposal to take into production: this is RODA For You’s answer to individual customer needs, for truly versatile, highly customized creations.

Tayloring and upolstery



Cutting, sewing and processing of structural fabrics, leathers and any other material suitable for upholstery. Embroidery, logos, customizations and upholstery of furniture and cushions, designed and developed step by step. All through the skilled know-how of expert craftspeople and upholsterers who give life to finished products with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

Assembly and quality control


Our assembly workshop is where industrial organization meets the value of craftsmanship, where the product takes shape in all its parts through processes of cording, strapping, drilling, studding, the assembly of the components on their structures, and the creation of custom packaging. In the manufacture of each product, RODA For You carries out constant quality control up to delivery of the order, under the full supervision of the project manager.




The production of each project is intricately planned to satisfy a precise logistics plan, with dedicated storage spaces, and every precaution taken to optimize unloading and on-site handling, in a safe and well-organized way. Thanks to single-site logistics and the choice of exclusive partners, RODA For You offers a comprehensive shipping and delivery service complete with unloading, assembly and turnkey installation.

RODA For You has its own well-equipped and high-performance product design, production and storage facilities, spread across 20,000 square metres. The space allows us to respond in the best and most flexible way to custom requests, offering specific technical solutions to meet every possible need.